Career Counselling Cell

The Career and Counselling Cell of the Mahavidyalaya which was formally established in 2015 has been actively engaged in providing support to the young learners through a variety of programmes and activities round the year. The objective of Cell is to take care of the well-being of the students who may face psychosocial problems. In addition to that the students are encouraged to contact the Cell with their individual problems or difficulties. The Cell seeks to offer support to students in preparing themselves for the different jobs. With this end in view, the Cell subscribes to a number of books and newspapers and the students can access all these materials. The motivational talks, interactive sessions conducted by the members are regularly organized to make the young learners aware of various opportunities and to equip them with necessary skills for facing the challenges of the job market. The Career and Counselling Cell with the help of IQAC conduct training programmes for the students. The office of the Cell is located at Room No 201. Members of the Students' Counselling Cell will be available on every 2nd and 4th working Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Students seeking help/advice on academic matter as well as other matters may contact this cell for support services.

Committee Members
1. Dr. Jayeeta Basu, Chairman
2. Sri Sanat Kumar Adhikary, Dept. of History, Member Secretary
3. Sri Ramkishore Barman, Dept. of Bengali, Member
4. Sri Asit Biswas, Dept. of Bengali, Member
5. Smt. Sonali Thokdar, Dept. Of History, Member

Initiatives undertaken by the Career and Counseling Cell
a) UGC sponsored In-Service Trainning
b) Spoken English Class for students.
c) Regular subscription of Employment News, books etc.
d) Give training to search the journal in N-LIST.
e) Computer Education Programme.