Rules & Regulations


A STUDENT MUST BE SINCERE, REGULAR, OBEDIENT AND DISCIPLINED. He/She should abide by the rules and discipline of the college and other rules and regulation framed by the North Bengal University from time to time. A student may be debared from college for :-
    1) Violation of order regarding class attendance.
    2) Conviction by a court for an offence involving moral turpitude.
    3) Indiscipline and any other misconduct.
The college authorities may without assigning any reason can take any disciplinary action and suspend a student from the college if the authorities consider such action is necessary in the interest of the college. In such cases the decision of the college authorities shall be final.


As per rules a student must attend 75% of lectures delivered to be allowed to appear as a regular candidate at the West Bengal State University Examination. A student who has attended less than 75% classes but not less than 60% of the lectures delivered may be sent up as a non-collegiate student on payment of non-collegiate fee / condo nation fee. A student who has attended less than 60% of lectures delivered is considered to be a discollegiate student and his or her right to appear at the W.B.S.U. Examination will be forfeited. Strict records of Students' attendance are maintained in the College and relaxation regarding the percentage of attendance will not be allowed.


In pursuance of the guidelines of UGC and W.B.C.U., a cell has been formed to look into the matters related to the prevention of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the college campus. Regular awareness and counseling programmes on such issues are organized.